The holiday season is undeniably the most exciting time of the year. Many households were now done decorating their houses and had organized important things in order to celebrate this season. But in some unfortunate cases, many houses were catching fires, especially during the holiday season because of problems with electrical decorations and a lot more related troubles. Because of this, Irwin Consulting Services prepared some guidelines below to help everyone in having a safer holiday celebration.

Live Christmas tree

It is advised to select live trees that were fresher and greener because drier trees were weak against fires and can catch those flames quickly. Keep the tree away from space heaters, fireplaces, and other heat sources, and to ensure utmost safety against fire accidents, place a fire extinguisher close to the tree. Live trees need a good amount of water supply every day so make sure to fulfill that responsibility. You can also choose an artificial tree that is “fire resistant” to guarantee that the tree won’t be vulnerable to fires.

Electrical connections

Organize electrical connections properly. During the holiday season, your electrical decorations will surely add to the load of your sockets, but despite of this, learn to keep everything in order to avoid overloading and steer clear of electrical and even fire accidents.

Wrapping papers

Don’t throw away wrapping papers on fireplaces after the gift-giving in your family. It is important to prevent any fire accidents to happen so make sure to dispose of such kinds of papers properly on the trash can or be resourceful and recycle them. Papers can quickly catch fire and even trigger flash fires.


Irwin Consulting Services wanted you to seek the support of other family members or friends in decorating at higher places. If you’re using a ladder, make sure that there’s a person supporting its base to ensure your safety. Design those lights and other decorations with a peace of mind since you have a helping hand below.

Decorative/Christmas lights

Confirm if the lights were all safe to use before placing them on walls, roofs or trees. Replace the lights once you noticed some frayed wires, loose connections, and broken sockets. Never let accidents to happen during your holiday celebration, so bring glitters and sparkles to your house with lights that were very safe to use.


Exercise caution in using decorative lights as well. Don’t leave them open while you’re sleeping or while you’re out of the house with the whole family. Turn all of them before going to bed and leaving the house so that there won’t be any electrical fire accidents that started from a short.

Electrical Cords

Cords should also be safe from any damages and don’t be reckless in putting them at order. You might be used to mount or support them with the use of nails or tacks, but it is not quite a very good idea according to a few experts. You are encouraged to use hooks or insulated staples instead.


Putting beautiful candles with lovely scents does add wonder to your holiday decorations, but it might be dangerous if they were within the reach of your small children or pets. Learn the safe spots on your house or room and put them there. Combustibles objects should never be near with the candles as well.

Quality ornaments

Select ornaments that were strong enough to withstand the playfulness or curiosity of your little ones. If you have smaller electrical decorations, put them at higher places so that your children and pets would not play with them and cause some accidents.

Fake foods

Showing delicious-looking but fake foods as one of your holiday decorations might not be a good idea especially to households with small kids and pets because they might mistake those foods to real ones and accidentally eat them. Telling them not to eat those might only cause them to do so because of their matchless curiosity.

Festive Plants

Putting festive plants on display might also be the idea of other households, but be careful on which kind of plants you’re going to display because some were poisonous when once just like the most popular plant during the holiday season, the poinsettias. Even if the plant is only mildly toxic, it is still better to ensure the overall safety of your children and animals.

As a company dedicated to public safety, Irwin Consulting Services hopes that those mentioned above enlightened you in making sure of your happy and safe holiday celebrations with your family, friends and other loved ones.

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