Winter had definitely come this time around and other people would like to celebrate the holiday season with some challenge by climbing up mountains. There are a lot of individuals who are very ardent about outdoor activities and winter can be an additional challenge to their passion. But with every venture you’re going to take, Irwin Consulting Services would like you to always make sure of your own safety and of other people around you.


Your friends, colleagues or whole family could take on different activities on snowy mountains such as snowshoeing, skiing, or other related activities. But local authorities would like to remind people to be equipped with proper equipment and skills before climbing to survive any unprecedented events on the mountains.


Make sure that the place is safe and open, and also suitable for your health or fitness level. Inform some relatives or close friends about the location of your excursion including the estimated time and date of your return as well as the instance when they should call for help.


It is often advised to climb mountains in a group of two or more to have the injured treated by the other and take care of him or her in case of an emergency. But if you’re going solo, bring materials necessary for your survival and always ready your phone for emergency contact.


You don’t want to be trapped in the dark at mountains so carry with you a number of light sources which depends on how many nights and days you’re planning to camp or stay in the mountain. Irwin Consulting Services encourages you to be fully prepared for the dark because it might bring some dangers to you that are unknown during the daylight.


Don’t panic once you noticed that you’re already lost, but instead collect your thoughts and keep yourself warm. Rescuers can be riding a helicopter so see to it that you’re visible from the sky. In case there’s an urgent emergency don’t wait until it gets dark to call for help. The earlier the better because this will provide rescuers more time to get into you while the sun is still up.


In the United States, you can still reach 9-1-1 even without any signal on your phone because the system will activate any cell tower. Never begin an adventure outside your home with a low bat phone since you needed to secure a fully charged phone in order to contact help in case of emergencies. If possible, bring a satellite phone with you since there can be a scenario where you can be trapped in a place with no cell service at all.


Unfortunately, an avalanche can happen while you’re climbing a snowy mountain so equip yourself with avalanche safety equipment such as a transceiver, probe, shovel, and the knowledge on how to use them properly. In order to mitigate avalanche exposure, learn how to navigate through the terrain.


Irwin Consulting Services understands the passion that’s within you in taking the challenge of climbing snowy mountains or simply doing mild activities with the whole family this winter and holiday season, thus the group would only like you to be committed to ensuring everyone else’s safety in this endeavor.

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