Your days watching your pet grow can be described to as an exciting journey. You can keep those memories with you for the rest of your life and will always remember a companion that never leaves your side. The world knows how much you treasure your dog, your best friend. Staying inside your home with your dog pet all the time and watching your favorite shows, and eating and playing around seem simple but it shows comfort with each other’s company. But South Bellmore Veterinary Group would also like the both of you to go outside often and do worthwhile things together and build memories from a different setting.

One of the best places to go in outside is the park within your area. You don’t need to go somewhere grand, simply having fun and relaxing in the park will give you and your pet good memories. Never miss the chance to feel the good weather and fresh air in a place that is filled with green grass and trees, and lovely flowers. While enjoying the scenery, better include some activity for you and your pet where you can play, exercise, train or even socialize with other animals and people. Develop the physical and mental health of your pet by doing those activities on a regular basis.

Going outside and spending time together in the park also includes a huge responsibility. You always need to be certain of the good and healthy condition of your dog. You are required to perform a good supervision on your pet to ensure that it is protected all the time. South Bellmore Veterinary Group wanted your trip to the park to be stress-free and result into no major troubles at all, so the group prepared some basic guidelines for you to consider whenever you go outside with your dog.

First, you need to be committed to protecting your dog, so avoid being distracted. While it is given that your dog will never leave your side and will always be with you, you still need to monitor its every movement especially if it is out there playing with other animals or people and you’re distance away from it. You must not allow anything to get your entire attention and forget about your pet. 

In case there’s a bad incident, look at the body language of your dog and if needed, try to calm their behavior. But if ever your pet is being bullied, take action right away and take your dog away from the perpetrators and move to a different spot.

Second, it would be the best to just leave the favorite toys of your pet at home. But you can still bring tools for some basic training in the park. We can’t avoid incidents of stalking or being possessive of other animals towards the toy of your dog and since your dog is being too protective over its plaything, there’s sometimes the possibility of a fight. Quickly put a stop to them if ever you’ll see tug-of-war or wrestling between them that includes unruly behaviors.

Third, as a pet parent, you must always guarantee the healthy condition of your pet through the right medications as well. Our current environment carries a lot of diseases and parasites. Both humans and animals need protection against those that could threaten one’s health. In order to have a shield against harmful pests or diseases, you and your pet should be equipped with the proper medications. The puppies were required to stay at home unless they have taken all the necessary vaccinations while current vaccinations were advised on dogs. 

You need to learn about the vaccinations needed especially for animals that often go outside through your vet. You need to give your pet a strong shield against bacteria such as Bordetella and Leptospira bacteria.

South Bellmore Veterinary Group expects that on your next park trip, you’ll have no troubles ensuring the good health of your dog with the help of this post. Create fun adventures even if it’s just in the park since there are no grand or simple things in creating lasting memories with your pet.

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