Many pet owners only have one wish for their pets, and that is for their loved animals to have a longer life and to stay by their side for many years sharing happiness and even tears. South Bellmore Veterinary Group also has this wish for every animal that is being brought to their hospital clinic, so the group never fails to provide pet care service that keeps animals on the path to wellness.

Pet owners who have chosen the group in taking care of their pets have seen how capable the group is in ensuring the best health for their adored animals. A lot of pet owners admire the group’s advanced equipment and their comprehensive services that are fulfilled by trusted specialists. In the next paragraphs, we will explain the services offered by the group.

Let us first tackle its boarding service. The group will make sure of the utmost comfort and safety of your pets and will monitor them properly. However, if you’re a first-timer, it is required to pass the group’s pre-boarding examination to ensure the best health of your pets and their neighbors at the clinic. Before coming to the group’s clinic, see to it that your pets have taken flea and tick preventatives and were up-to-date with their vaccinations.

The group’s second service which is dentistry will make sure of the good dental health of your pets. They use dependable tools such as ultrasonic scaler and polisher, and high-speed drill, which can be found on their dental machine. In case you need your pets to undergo regular cleanings, dental exams, surgical extractions, root-planing, and gingival resection, you can trust the group to do a good job using their sought-after equipment and a digital dental x-ray unit. Dental procedures require proper anesthetic monitoring similar to in-depth surgical procedures.

The third on their list of services highlight their skills in dermatology. Your pets will surely receive a quality skin care service with the group’s offered dermatologic solutions. If your pets are currently experiencing some skin problems, South Bellmore Veterinary Group can take care of them with their in-house lab. In particular, the group can treat bacterial and fungal disease, ectoparasites like demodectic and scabetic mange, ear problems, and allergy testing/shots. And in order to further protect the skin of your pets, the group also offers good shampoos, ointments, and flea and tick control products.

The fourth service involves taking care of the eye needs of your pets. With their expertise in ophthalmology, treating pets with glaucoma, conjunctivitis or uveitis could be done successfully. You don’t need to feel so much fear for the wellbeing of your pets because the group guarantees positive results on their ophthalmologic operations such as entropion/ectropion surgery, cherry-eye repair, conjuncival flaps, and enucleations. On certain breeds, the group can correct their congenital eyelid malformations as well. A well-experienced specialist in this field has been offering his guidance to the group for their cataract surgery and advanced ophthalmology cases.

The fifth service is about internal medicine which aims to quickly diagnose and treat the medical problems of animals through the group’s in-house blood analyzers. With such device, the group can come up with accurate findings plus the assistance of respected specialists on veterinary ultrasound and internal medicine can definitely treat animals with medical concerns.

The sixth service focuses on general and orthopedic surgery. Once you’d learn about the surgical suite of the group, you can’t help but admire their advanced facility. In addition, its veterinary surgeons all have respected backgrounds and profiles that prove their excellent capabilities. Trust their extensive experience even in complicated cases and look forward to their successful operations. Specifically, they can perform surgeries such as abdominal and thoracic surgery, eye surgery, perianal surgery, total ear canal ablations, and orthopedic procedures.

The last service on the list is composed of radiology and cardiology. South Bellmore Veterinary Group is really your one-stop veterinary clinic with its multiple services offered. Their machines such as x-ray machine, ultrasound machine, and EKG provide a high-quality result that is best for maintaining the optimum health for your pets. On this particular, certified radiologists and cardiologist are also making sure that the service of the group would not disappoint the pet owners.

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