Nowadays, a lot of pet owners don’t have all the time to better take care of their dogs because of their busy schedules in school or at work. And if the owner is living alone with the dog, then if he or she goes out to fulfill school/work responsibilities, the dog might become very lonely and worse, become anxious.

Your dog might become very uneasy every time you leave the house for school or work, especially if the dog has a record of anxiety issues. As its owner, you wanted to help your dog to get over with its anxiety and avoid unwanted incidents such as your dog breaking things inside the house by trying to get out whenever you’re outside. However, some experts said that giving medications to your dog could involve a lot of patience and firm dedication since this is a very sensitive issue. But despite the fact that this is a difficult matter to deal with, you must not give up on your dog and South Bellmore Veterinary Group is certain that on the right time, your dog will surely have a very healthy mental state because of your help.

Know that it will really take time and commitment on your side to aid the mental difficulties of your dog. If you’re living with your family, encourage every family member to assist you in treating the anxiety of your dog. You can develop a good plan that has the support of everyone in the household as well. It is recommended by a lot of experts and even South Bellmore Veterinary Group would like you to visit or contact a certified animal trainer or a veterinary behaviorist to get their expert help in solving this problem.

Understand that in order to help your dog, you need to initiate changes on yourself too. Your body language must not bring on anxiety, thus begin changing some of your behavior and routine. Each time your dog wakes up, it might build up anxiety because it knows you’re leaving the house, so better change your morning routine and include some time for your dog to lessen its worries. Play with your dog even for just a few minutes, feed him his favorite food before you go, and leave the TV open or put some relaxing music on speakers to help calm your dog. Once you got home from school or work, give your dog a big hug and make it feel your genuine love.

During your day offs, go outside for a limited amount of time and come home quickly, so that your dog will know that you’ll come back soon during particular days of the week. Make sure that your dog is also taking a proper exercise and having a balanced diet to ensure its healthy body.

Never show actions that will heighten the anxiety of your dog such as getting angry with it or ignoring its presence. In teaching discipline to your dog, you can avoid the strict and hard path, but choose a simple yet fun way to teach it proper lessons like giving it treats for obeying your orders. Along with the help of proper medications provided by experts, do your part as well in improving the mental health of your dog.

For more pet care tips, visit the official website of South Bellmore Veterinary Group and learn more helpful ways to better take care of your pets.

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