Many often view our world today in a fast forward motion where everything requires a lot of work and people need to keep up with the changes, which require them to work harder in order to live. With this, other pet owners sometimes don’t have time to better take care of their pets plus the fact that they need to leave their pets alone at home whenever they need to go to school or work. And for this reason, some dogs unwantedly develop stress or anxiety because of loneliness.

If your dog already has anxiety based on the findings of your vet, then leaving it alone might build up more stress. But we can’t do anything about it because each of us needs to work, what you can do is find other ways to help your dog lessen its stress and anxiety. Incidents of dogs experiencing stress and anxiety may include them desperately trying to get out of a house and end up breaking a lot of things in the process.

Experts said that a single treatment can’t entirely eliminate the anxiety of a dog and they added that it is a very difficult matter to deal with. But despite this fact, South Bellmore Veterinary Group would like you to be stronger for your dog and don’t give up. Staying positive for it is one way you can fill its void with some light of hope. With commitment and endless care and love, your dog will surely one day understand your duties and responsibilities and will also be able to better handle stress.

Remember that helping your dog treat its anxiety will take quite some time and a lot of patience. If your dog lives with the whole family, it is unlikely for it to develop anxiety since there was more than one person who could take care of it, but in some unfortunate cases where a dog developed one, the support of the entire family in treating the anxiety of their beloved pet is needed. You can discuss it with the members of the family and develop ways on how to better take care of your dog. For more effective results, seek the expertise of a certified animal trainer or a veterinary behaviorist.

You should begin changes with yourself like your behavior and/or lifestyle. Your dog knows you’re going out from the moment it wakes up and from there, his worries or stress may build up, so from the moment you get up, give your dog a big hug and might as well change some of your morning routines and put more time playing with it even for a few minutes by feeding it its favorite food or breakfast, or petting it for a while. South Bellmore Veterinary Group suggests leaving your TV open so that it could watch good shows and avoid boredom, or put its favorite toys nearby. You can also leave it with good music playing around, and each time you get home from work/school, show your dog your love and give it a big hug again.

It is advised as well to go outside for a limited or short amount of time during your day offs so that your dog will build the belief that during some days of the week, you’re coming home sooner than the usual, and avoid thinking too hard and be very lonely. And since it is your free day, why not take your dog for a walk to the park and simply relax under the trees and lie down on the cool grass. See to it that you’re also monitoring its health and maintaining a balanced diet with proper exercise.

If your dog has anxiety, know that it is quite sensitive, so avoid getting angry at it and prevent disregarding its presence. You raised your dog as your best friend, so be with it even during its rough times. South Bellmore Veterinary Group suggests keeping it disciplined using other ways that won’t hurt its feelings like giving it treats whenever it follows your orders. You can’t easily remove your dog’s anxiety just like magic because you’ll need the help of other people around you and the proper medications given by experts, and of course your dedication to improving your dog’s mental health.

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