Pets are undeniably the best partners or companions that will always be by your side no matter what happens. They can cheer you up and brighten your mood with their sweet gestures using their cuddly body. Your pets can also be your fitness buddy as well as your protector.

South Bellmore Veterinary Group understands the joy a pet could bring in your life and if you’re currently thinking about adopting one, you must consider a few things for the welfare of both of the animal and yourself. You need to choose properly to avoid having major problems dealing with your chosen pet. You should also answer important questions that could lead you to the best option.

The first question is which animal to choose? There were a lot of different kinds of pets to choose from, so first, begin with looking at the list of animals you’re interested in and learn if you can meet their specific needs. Taking care of pets is a responsibility that you should be committed to so be dedicated to determining the special traits and interests of the pets you’re fascinated with.

Choose low maintenance animals if you often have a busy schedule that you don’t have much time to properly take care of your pet and monitor its proper exercise or regular grooming. If you’re not the kind of person who can go around and keep pace with animals that can run or play endlessly around the house, then animals who demand little care are the right ones for you. With this, you can, for example, settle with a goldfish, however, it won’t give much to you as its owner unlike a dog’s loyalty and protection or a cat’s playful energy. But this kind of pet fish is cheap plus they are very easy to take care of since you only have to feed them every day.

But if you’re not into fishes, then why not try keeping birds instead? They also require little attention and will not take much of your energy to handle them. What’s good about them is that unlike fishes, they can provide a bit of companionship. Whether they are affordable or not, it varies on their breeds where you can choose from finches, canaries or parakeets. You only need to maintain the cleanliness of their cage and of course a regular food and water supply. You can develop a stronger bond with birds as well and get along together very well. Their noise can take away your loneliness if ever you’re living alone. If you’re up to the challenge of thoroughly taking care of animals that need a lot of attention and careful monitoring, then choose dogs or cats and have a lifelong partner.

Once you’re done choosing the animal to include in your life, it is time to decide which of its breed is perfect for you. Each breed has a different personality and it is your job to learn about them to know how they can affect your life. In the case of dogs and cats, the majority of them need regular attention and should maintain a well-balanced diet and proper exercise for them to become healthy animals. Other breeds fit in a less active lifestyle while some need constant care and attention.

In particular, Boston Terriers dogs are fine with a small amount of daily exercise and were content by simply relaxing with their owners. Some breed of dog like pugs needs more entertainment than performing regular exercise and require a cooler environment. You can find breeds that are not too huge as well even if they reach their senior years such as a Cocker Spaniel, which is perfect for any home size plus they were also cheerful and comfortable to anything even if you make them exercise regularly. If you love having a huge breed, then greyhounds are ideal for you. This kind of breed loves running around but was suited to a tranquil environment and need a nice napping place.

On the other hand, if you’re fond of cats that look cute and cheerful, go with Russian blue cats. They love having toys and playing and spending time together with their owners plus they are composed and tend to stick with their routine. If you’re looking for fluffy, quiet and gentle cats, ragdoll cats are the best choice. But prepare yourself with a lint roller and make sure to groom this kind of cat often so shedding won’t be a problem to you. Similar to ragdoll cats, Persian cats are also quiet and polite and offer more fluffiness that is perfect for hugging. They love being groomed every day and enjoy the company of other people. If you’re searching for a more active cat, South Bellmore Veterinary Group suggests having Manx cats where you can train them using a proper manual since they are good in jumping to any heights.

No matter which animal and breed you choose, South Bellmore Veterinary Group would like you to remember that adding a living thing to your home includes particular responsibilities so make sure to fulfill them and enjoy having an added friend around.

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