Surprising that special someone in your life with a dependable pet as a gift would really make that person happy and grateful to you especially if such is included on his wish list. Having a pet with you is like having a partner who will support you in any endeavor you’ll be taking in your life. Give a huge smile to someone you love this holiday season by giving him a pet as a present, or to one of your close friends who will be having his birthday soon.

South Bellmore Veterinary Group would like you to consider a few things first before heading to the animal shelter or adoption center. Read further to learn more what you need to know about giving a loved one a pet.

You should not enter an adoption center without a plan that is based on the personal likings of the person receiving the pet. Learn about the likes and dislikes of the person about owning a pet and identify the animal that he would love to have as a pet. All of which should be asked without being obvious that you’re going to buy him one if you’re planning to make everything a surprise. Adopt an animal that he would definitely adore and will protect throughout their entire time together.

Learn about the lifestyle of the person receiving the pet as well. Find the animal that is compatible with his way of living that can also catch up to his likes and hobbies. For example, give the person a very active dog if he’s committed to doing regular physical activities and has a very active routine. If you wanted to be more certain of your choice, then get the advice of an adoption counselor and be confident in giving the best pet for that person.

You can still give the best pet according to the person’s likings and still add the element of surprise by giving him a certificate. This is usually the practical choice for many and would rather do it than putting a puppy inside a present box. Doing this, the person can personally choose the animal he would love to have as a pet at the adoption center since the certificate covers the adoption fee, so carefully choosing a pet would be his only concern.

We know that life offers a lot of unexpected changes and challenges to every individual, thus South Bellmore Veterinary Group wanted you to think about the future of the pet and circumstances such as the owner can’t take care of the pet anymore and consider a surrender plan in advance. Go to an animal shelter/adoption center that lets you return the animal once the owner can’t meet its needs anymore to make sure that the animal would still be taken care of by professionals until a new owner shows up.

On the other hand, if everything was planned together with the person who would be getting the pet, then it’s better to take that person with you to the adoption center and let him choose the pet that he would hold close to his heart. Also, tell him that taking care of a pet requires dedication and time, thus he should be prepared to face his responsibilities towards the animal that he will choose.

South Bellmore Veterinary Group would like you to prepare everything properly so that your gift pet would surely be loved by its owner until its last breath.

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