A humble place at Subic Bay that can provide all your relaxation needs, that is Casablanca Hotel. It is also not a problem to bring a group of people because their condo units can meet all the needs of your entire family or group of friends. Guests find the ventilation at Casablanca as perfect as well so you can relax to the fullest. In addition, the view from the second floor always brings awe to the guests since according to them – it was really nice, so why not see the view yourself and spend your short break at this humble but beautiful hotel.

The service at Casablanca Hotel is also satisfactory because of the very helpful and hardworking staff. Each member of the staff was really friendly and very accommodating so you won’t find it difficult to feel at ease in the area. They will make sure that you will have a comfortable, relaxing, quiet or even a fun stay.

The food at Casablanca Hotel was also described to as delicious by the majority of previous guests, and could even satisfy a foreign guest, and most importantly, they are all affordable which is great for people who wanted to have a great stay at a hotel without spending too much. Moreover, the swimming pool was well-maintained and the mini-bar at its center can offer beverages in case adults wanted to have some drink while soaking their selves in water. The hotel has a simple but good architecture as well that many finds fascinating.

Even though it is the usual at the hotel, a lot of guests were indeed surprised with how clean the entire area was, and how cleanliness is still evident even on the inside of every room because according to them, other hotels don’t have the kind of tidiness Casablanca has.

Invite your loved ones and close friends to experience a wonderful stay at Casablanca Hotel and make your entire trip to Subic Bay perfect.


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