Are you planning your temporary escape from all the hardships of your reality and simply relax in Subic even for just a short while? Then try it at Wild Orchid Subic and after your stay, we guarantee that you’ll never forget about this perfect place for relaxation.

You can find a lot of previous guests that are grateful even though they only spend a few nights at the hotel. And similar to their reviews, Wild Orchid does provide everything you need from hotel amenities to an excellent hotel service. You can choose from different cuisines as well offered at the hotel and make certain requests if granted. It is also not a problem if you wanted to visit attractions within the city because Wild Orchid can arrange tickets and services for you.

The staff also welcomes guests with a warm smile and ready to provide a friendly and excellent service to every visitor of the hotel. Guests find the food delicious even foreigners love the Filipino cuisines, along with the good service of the staff plus each meal was affordable. And to make your dinner more lovely, Wild Orchid Subic adds a live band to play for you to surround you with things you would surely find wonderful.

Bringing the whole family could be a great idea since Wild Orchid Subic is a family oriented hotel and people of all ages would love staying in such a pleasant place. You can strengthen the bond of the entire family by doing fun activities around the hotel. Both adults and children would love and enjoy swimming at the hotel’s huge pool or play on the beachside.

It was previously mentioned how the staff was always helpful to the guests but not just that because Wild Orchid Subic is also proud to have trained staff that knows how to deal with problems properly and their patience is to be praised as well. They make sure that the guests would enjoy their stay so much and promise to come back again.

Wild Orchid Subic would never disappoint so you’re always welcome to try out its splendid service.

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