In some cases, other families still encounter problems arriving at relaxing places due to unprecedented concerns and unsolved issues but at Wild Orchid Subic, it is a guarantee that you and the whole family will have a worry-free vacation. Your stay would become so lovely that you’ll promise to come back again at the place next time. The staff can also consider certain situations and even give proper solutions to the problems of the guests. Your convenience is their priority, so don’t be afraid to ask for some help if needed.


Guests also love the food offered at the hotel because of its good and distinct taste for other people. You will encounter various “menu of the day” as well and find surprisingly good food. Some didn’t even expect to see a live band performing for the guests during dinner. What’s more lovely is that the bar is located on the beachfront thus the cool wind coming from the ocean plus its relaxing breeze can give a content and relaxed feeling to anyone.


Wild Orchid Subic provides other important things inside the room as well such as safe deposit boxes, personal kit, toiletries, complete cutleries, and many more. And it is expected that this kind of beautiful hotel would have a huge and clean swimming pool, right? Guests enjoy their time swimming at the pool, especially the children. If you’re planning to see different sceneries outside, the hotel provides a free shuttle to the place of Barretto starting at 6 PM.


If you will ever need of something, the staff is alert and quick in attending to your needs so that you would only have a smooth and relaxing stay at Wild Orchid and won’t encounter any kinds of huge problems along the way.


Let your other relatives, friends or colleagues know about your awesome stay at Wild Orchid Subic so that they won’t have doubts coming to the place, and experience a kind and excellent service.

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